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Welcome to chat in“Speaking Corner”during summer time!

Welcome to chat inSpeaking Cornerduring summer time!

Speaking Corner as a new part of the English improving package, is held in the form of online meeting, and everyday discuss a different topic. It aims at improving Freshman's interest in English learning, create more opportunities for students to practice oral English, and build up an environment to encourage students not afraid of speaking in English. This activity focus on speaking aspect and hopes to help students to overcome the embarrassment of express themselves in English, to raise their confidence at the same time.

The screenshot of online meeting interface

All teachers of the college are involved in this activity. The teaching secretary, Mr. Zhang Ting, served as the person in charge and host. Mr. Zhang has studied abroad and has two master degrees. As the main character of the activity, students participated in the discussion share their information about majors, hometown and hobbies. On the evening of August 11, the college held the first "Speaking Corner" activity by Tencent online meeting. More than 60 students spoke enthusiastically during the one-hour long time. Over the past two days, more than 100 students participated in the activity, and some students sent their speaking recording as a supplement after the activity. The students participating in the activity said that their embarrassment and tension of speaking in public had been released. They gained more confidence to take the initiative to communicate with teachers in an all-English-teaching environment in the future, and they were full of expectations for the coming college life.

Students learning notes

The activity will expand its influence among students and achieve the fruit of all students in in the following days. After students registered, such activities will continue to carry out in the form of face-to-face, and to highlight its features and quality. The college believes that in the future, students of Arizona College of Technology at Hebei University of Technology will be able to break through themselves, achieve academic progress, prevent English from becoming an obstacle to learning professional knowledge, and lay a solid language foundation for our students to move towards the international stage.

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